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Transformational Massage in COVID time.

To keep everyone safe and healthy I have added safety measures to ensure that clients only come in contact with their own sheets and my hands. Everything else is either replaced for each session, completely covered, and/or wiped down with an alcohol sanitizer.

Safety measures include:

  • Health check-in form for each appointment
  • COVID testing for me before departure.
  • Disposable Fitted Headrest Covers
       (goes completely around the face cushion)

Transformational Massage unlocks the body's restrictive patterns by stretching and mobilizing the muscles and joints while breaking up fascial adhesions and releasing the deep muscle locks that restrict full range of motion.

When the body is understood as a system rather than separate pieces the goal becomes more than just relaxing a shoulder or lower back. The goal is restoration of mobility and elimination of pain with the further goal of the integration of movement and awareness.

Mobility is the key to transformation. As the various bio-mechanical components are integrated into functional systems of movement the client has a rare opportunity to rediscover and reinvent the way they inhabit their body.

Throughout the process, intentional development of body awareness is utilized to fully inhabit the new ranges of motion provided by this work. The awareness of one's body is one of the greatest self-healing tools available to humankind and crucial to any long term benefit. By freeing the restrictions to integrated movement and developing kinesthetic awareness we can inhabit a greater portion of our bio-mechanical potential.