thumbs upYou've ruined me. I can't get a massage from anyone else. Nothing beats the Ben Burman Experience.

--David Adjaye

thumbs upThat was the best massage ever!
Massage doesn't even begin to describe it--

More like being rebuilt, restructured
or even reborn.

--Allan Badiner

thumbs upBen is a miracle worker. I was in excrutiating pain and couldn't move my shoulder at all. He restored the mobility in my shoulder in a single session. Incredible.

--Regina Workman

thumbs upBen always leaves me feeling two inches taller and more in touch with my body. Simply amazing.

--Sarah Lewis

thumbs upThe numbness in my fingers is gone. I have recommended him to many of my friends and they all thank me.

--Don Melton
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thumbs upI was walking around like a turtle
and now I have a neck again. Thanks Ben

--Bill Bogusky


thumbs upI haven't been able to move my
lower back like that for 20 years

--Mike Cherry